Preserving Herbs in Oil

Bringing Your Herb Garden Inside for the Fall and Winter Months

How to Preserve Herbs in Oil
  • You’ll need an ice cube tray, or two. Or twenty. And of courses, some of your favorite herbs, like rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano. Soft herbs such as mint, basil, and dill don’t stand up quite as well in this method but you can use those if you want!
  • Carefully remove the herbs from any stalks, roughly chop larger pieces, and place them in an ice cube tray. Fill each little section up halfway with herbs and then top with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Cover the tray with plastic wrap and freeze. After 8 or more hours in the freezer, you can remove the ice cube trays, carefully lift out the frozen herb blocks and transfer them to a container that can be frozen for months at a time!




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